Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Let´s face it, it´s hot. It´s around 30 degrees but it feels much hotter. The angle between the sunrays and the ground is a stunning 90 degrees (we´re basically on the equator), and even though it´s nearly always cloudy, you can feel the sun on your neck THE WHOLE TIME (especially if your neck is sunburnt, like mine). If I ever told you that Galician humidity was killing me, I take it back. Here the humidity is surprising. It´s enough to get up from the chair and take two steps to start sweating like crazy. Sometimes even with the air-conditioning on. I think I´d never showered this much in my whole life.

The sunsets are amazing. Every night nature offers a breathtaking spectacle which we admire from the terrace. The picture you can see was taken by Jandro from our very living room. I haven´t taken one myself yet because yesterday I spent the whole time watching. I didn´t want to give up any minute of it to look for my camera.

Every night you can see lightenings in the sky. Even if there´s no storm round here, the lightenings light up our bedroom while we fall asleep.

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