Friday, April 17, 2009


We went to the pharmacy. It was big and full of people, who keep moving about so there´s no way of knowing where the queue is. We went up to one of the numerous shop assistants and asked for suncream. She brought us one (rarely is there choice out here), we said ok and took out the money to pay for it. That would´ve been too simple, however, and I have already learned that nothing is simple in Gabon. Thus, the lady showed us to another queue and handed our product to a security girl who demagnetized it or whatever (so that it wouldn´t beep). Then she kindly showed us yet another queue, and left our demagnetized (is that really a word? Karen?) suncream with yet another lady, who turned out to be the teller. We paid. The security guy at the entrance looked at us suspiciously and we left the pharmacy. How about getting rid of half of those people and working on efficiency? These little things make you see how different the African logic is...

In the picture Libreville centre. Quite close to the pharmacy, actually. :)


  1. Especially for you, my dear, I went through a great deal of effort and consulted M-W: - and so it seems that "demagnetized" is a valid word. No need to thank me ;-).

  2. I still do thank you. Sincerely. ;)