Friday, April 17, 2009


On our way to the pharmacy we met a cleaning lady from Jandro´s office. She´s from Equatorial Guinea, which is a former Spanish colony, and she speaks Spanish (or something that kind of sounds like Spanish). She was very excited to see me and gave Jandro two important pieces of advice:

1) No la dejes (Don´t leave her) - well said, I support that 100%;

2) and the slightly more obscure Tienes que casarla. Now the meaning of this remains unclear. Was it Tienes que casarte con ella (You have to marry her) or maybe Tienes que cazarla (You have to hunt her), pronounced with seseo? Let´s leave the question unanswered, for the time being. ;)


  1. Może też oznaczać, że on ma Cię wydać za mąż :-D. Ale to taka nadinterpretacja :-D.

  2. Prawda prawda, i tak sie zapewne skonczy :DD