Thursday, April 9, 2009


On Great Thursday we decided to have lunch in an African restaurant (a grand idea of "taking me out" after three days of cooking at home:). Some Gabonese ladies from Jandro´s office recommended him a place and we set off to find it.

In the street they mentioned we could only see one place though and, to be honest, we felt quite sceptical about it. Even though the picture on the left does not show the actual restaurant, it does give you an idea of what the place looked like. It was an open-air grill which boasted dirty tables and a great deal of flies, but it also had a lot of people and, as the place had been recommended to us, we plucked up the courage and sat down. We had chicken and fried banana (instead of potatoes) and the local grapefruit drink D´jino, which I´ll soon become addicted to. The food was ok but it contained some mayo sauce, which we decided not to eat (you should not have raw food round here and uncooked eggs are especially dangerous because of salmonella).

We paid and left and felt rather proud of ourselves (oh wow, we´re almost natives!) and chatted cheerfully as we strolled down the street on our way back. All that cheerfulness evaporated, however, when just a few metres away, hidden behind a big car, we saw the actual restaurant that the ladies had spoken of. It looked much better than the place we´d just left and the risk of getting a disease seemed much smaller there. We got panicky about our stomachs and we both developed a stomach-ache almost immediately but, luckily, nothing happened. We survived the hard-core African food. Good. Almost natives.

Yesterday we did go to the second place, though. I had... CROCODILE, accompanied by a plate of manioca. Crocodile had scales and very delicate meat. The sauce was spicy but all in all the meal was ok. Crocodile. Check out the pic.


  1. Hm, I must say I am a bit sceptical about eating a crocodile, having seen the picture ;-). But yes, you are going native, my dear :-D. How was Easter in Africa (except for fried bananas and crocodiles)?

  2. estades certos de que é cocrodilo? semelham calhos ou orelha... :D