Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday we had some drinks (local beer!:) with a friend from here, from Libreville. We told him that we wanted to go the beach on the other side of the bay and, surprisingly, he advised us not to. When we asked why, he said that the waves were enourmous. We agreed but promised to be very careful (we really are awfully careful out here, probably too careful most of the time) but he insisted on the waves being very dangerous. "Why so?", we asked. He explaied that here in Gabon people believe that the spirits of the dead appear to the living and when they come back, they come back on the waves. Normally, they are rather benign but at some point they need to take some living souls with them to survive. And right now is the time of their wrongdoing. The thing is, they don´t usually hunt black people. They prefer the whites and that´s why we should be extra-careful at the beach. And then he told us how various people died or went missing at sea. I don´t really believe all that but you never know. Extra-careful it is, then.


  1. Cudownie czytać jak ci się żyje w Gabonie! Zaglądam tu od czasu do czasu i zaglądać będę :)

  2. You know, there was an Australian prime minister who went missing in the ocean and they still don't know what happened. So now we know! As it turns out, Africa is the source of ultimate knowledge ;-).

    PS This was especially for you and to keep my high commenting statistics :-D. Bicasos!