Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Life in Africa has not been treating me all that well lately.

First of all, since March I've been struggling with an impossible sinusitis. It was first treated with an antibiotic which I dutifully swallowed for seven days. I got a bit better but after a week or so all my symptoms came back. The doctor thus prescribed another antibiotic, a stronger one, to be taken three times per day for ten days. It was accompanied by a huge number of other pills, of which I have not missed one. After a few days I had to get back to the doctor's: I was feeling extremely unwell. I had my blood analysed and it turned out I have a strong infection and typhoid fever. The doctor added another antibiotic, to be taken twice a day for, initially, five days. I was also low on iron.

After one of the most terrible weekends of my life - made into thus by the typhoid fever (I shall spare you the details) - I thought there was finally a breakthrough. I was better, extremely weak and tired, but better still. Today was supposed to be my last day with both antibiotics. I had an appointment with my doctor at 9 am.

He decided that I should continue with the antibiotic treatment for the typhoid for five more days (to make sure it goes away completely). I insisted on repeating the blood tests afterwards. I prefer to be too careful now. Typhoid fever - check.

As far as the sinusitis is concerned, my doctor gave up. I still feel pain and pressure in my sinuses and my left ear has been blocked for ten days now. According to some weird audio test that the doctor performed "my left ear is not ok". Surprise, surprise, I've been saying this for over a week and nobody reacted. The doctor contacted me with a laryngologist, whom I subsequently called and who must already think I'm some kind of an idiot because our conversation went like this:
- Hello, is this dr E's practice?
- Yes, I'm doctor E. I'm with a patient now, I'll pass you on to my assistant.
- I'd like to make an appointment with you.
- Yes, I'm with a patient now, I'll pass you on to my assistant.
- Yes. I'd like to make an appointment with you.
- Yes, yes, but I'm with a patient now, I'll pass you on to my assistant.
- Oh, ok.
Now should I blame this on my blocked ear, the doctor's phone or, more traditionally, my French?

Well, anyway, I wish I could tell you something more interesting or more optimistic. Sadly, for too long a time my life has been revolving around illnesses and antibiotics and I really wish it was over by now. I want to go to the beach, to the gym, to dinner and not die of fatigue afterwards! So, my dear readers, I need you to concentrate your positive energy on my sinuses! Three, two, one... GO!


  1. Aponto-me à praia e a cear!! Energia, energia energia... Isso sim, nom me acabam de convencer as tuas capazidades como intérprete... quando menos por telefone.

  2. thanks Germam and Steve, nice to see somebody is reading this... :)