Sunday, January 3, 2010


Yesterday I got up at 3:30 am and boarded my plane to Frankfurt at 6. I had (of course) trouble with the weight of my suitcase, which, in short, means that I ended up travelling with a plastic bag full of kiełbasa (I'm sure the smell made me rather popular with fellow passengers).

I got to Frankfurt on time and landed in Libreville as scheduled. In 12 hours my world changed from freezing cold and snowy to hot and stuffy. My body is still making the necessary adjustments, which results in my being terribly tired and dizzy. As I was going through customs I had the following conversation with the customs officer, who was dutifully guarding the exit:
Officer: Where are you coming from?
Me: Poland.
Officer: I said: where are you coming from?
Me (thinking I understood him wrong): Can you repeat the question?
Officer (patiently): Where are you coming from?
Me: Poland. As I said.
Officer: What is Poland?
Me: A country in Europe. Do you want to see my passport?
Officer: Will you go already?
So I hurried out.

I got home, having been picked up by one of our lovely neighbours. The lift wasn't working. I asked the security guy to help me with my suitcase and he boldly claimed to be able to take it up on his own. I told him it was heavy and that I lived on the eighth floor but he insisted on doing it alone, probably not very keen to share his tip. Judging from his face and grunts, he regretted his choice as early as the third floor.

The flat was just as we left it, apart from two things: a huge dead cockroach on the living-room floor and the fact that there is no electricity in the bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms, which consitute exactly half of our flat. Luckily kitchen and air-conditioning work.

And here I am, in Libreville again. Jandro will arrive on Friday night and up till then I'm on my own. Let's just hope my Survival in Libreville skills are as developed as I believe them to be.

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