Friday, January 22, 2010


I've had a nice day today. The classes went extremely well - I think I've found an answer to the discipline problems at school - and I was feeling rather good about myself as a teacher. Despite my annoying cold.

As Jandro is away for two days, it was my job to fill the fridge, so I got into a taxi right after work. Affaires étrangères?, I asked, the taxi driver nodded and I got inside, taking the front seat. There were two people in the back, a man and a woman, and they were talking loudly about what I assumed was an innocent topic. After a few moments, however, in spite of my poor French, I realised that they were actually discussing... my looks. Or, to be precise, the man claimed that he would never go out with me. Too bad, I thought and smiled to myself, but life goes on. Fine. I'm white, I'm different, I'm French, I'm rich... Whatever. Couldn't care less if you find me pretty!

Sadly, this was only the beginning. The man started mocking me and the two words I said to the taxi driver. How many different ways are there to humiliate me by means of so little linguistic material? Too many. Everything that's pink is sooo pretty!, he exclaimed ironically. When I informed the driver that Ici c'est bon it gave him something new to laugh at and I heard him do so as the taxi drove away. Throughout the ride, the girl and the driver said nothing.

It was the first time I could not escape verbal abuse by walking away. I was trapped in a car with this man and while he laughed at me, mocked me and insulted me, I couldn't do anything. I wanted to turn and shout: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ME?! I wanted to give a thousand reasons why I didn't deserve to be treated like this. But I couldn't do anything. I'm white. It will never change. For some people I will never fit in. I couldn't do anything.

But let's stay positive: what did I learn today? Michael Jackson was wrong.

Picture downloaded here. Can I even use it?

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  1. I'm sorry...I've never been the victim of reverse racism so I have no idea how I would react... but then again, you will find people like this even among your own compatriots.

    Keep being as brave and beautiful as you are! *hug*