Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Well, here it is. A bit later than planned but finally the moment has come: I'm going to Libreville again, and the big day is 13 August, this Thursday. Of course, I'm terrified. People keep asking me why on Earth I want to do this. I try to explain but, well, let's settle this in writing.

The cons are obvious and many. I don't speak French. The political situation is of the very attractive "you-never-know" kind. The sea breeze reminds you of an open oven. I can't possibly get a good job out there. There's no MTV and no Supersweet Sixteen. I'm really far away from my family and friends. I'm probably gonna miss my flight and get stranded on Charles de Gaulle. And it seems like I'm simply going after a guy. And then there are the diseases. Yup, believe it or not, I'm aware of all this.

Why am I going then? I don't speak French but I will learn. And I like languages, you know that. The work situation is problematic but I do already have a job there and even though it's teaching again (and this bugs me a little) I really want to give it a go. To live in that country, to live the culture and get to know the people, to learn learn learn, it's very exciting. And if teaching is the means to do this, teaching it is! I don't think I'm ready to settle just yet. Being away from Poland does hurt me a bit - after all I've just got back. But maybe that's the way it has to be? I learned to appreciate Poland while I was in Galicia and this new-found patriotism is very exciting, too. I think it will grow stronger still in Africa and I'm looking forward to it. And yes, of course I'm going after a guy (check out the cute cute picture) but not entirely. It's Gabon because he's there, clearly, but I'm also going after my personal need for adventure, travelling, seeing the world and just being out there. And sharing it with the person I love.

So, here I come, Libreville! Hope these kids are ready for their new English teacher!

Oh, and I will keep you posted! :)


  1. Knowing you, you already speak better French than normal people after a course at our Uni:). Am sure you'll find your place there, you're fabulous and that translates easily in all cultures:P. Shame we didn't manage to have a coffee in Warsaw, but I can imagine what a hassle it must be, preparing for such a trip. I shall be awaiting that promised e-mail, I'll send you a catch-up one as well:). Say hello to your charming chevalier.