Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I wish I could keep looking back. I still enjoy imagining that I come back to our safe old African life, in a comfy flat, knowing what I'm going to do not only tomorrow, but also next week, next month. But no, I can't live in the past, and so, as the last proof of my moving on, I took my Gabonese residence permit out of my wallet. I am ready for my new life.

Or nearly ready. First, one more part of the skin shedding process. Saying goodbye to you and my blog, that is. As much as I don't want to do this, it is clear to me that I cannot write about Brussels here. It just wouldn't be right. Right?

The chapter of my life called La Nouvelle Vie begins on Monday, 14th February. Please do not miss the daunting romanticism of the date: after a month of separation, Kasia and Jandro will skip towards each other at the Charleroi airport, only to settle down and create a home together, starting on no other than Valentine's Day. Is this charming or what?

And so, before La Nouvelle Vie takes place, I must say goodbye. I had a great time writing this blog and it certainly let me discover that I enjoy telling stories. Thank you for letting me share them with you.

Nothing else is left to say. Only, maybe... Goodnight and good luck!

And after the official part do allow me to make two announcements (no, I'm not getting married and no, I'm not pregnant, for now it's just me, Jandro and Brussels, just as in the picture!):

1) Check this blog for still one more update. I will give you the link to the new Brussels blog, where you will be able to follow my exciting Belgian adventures. I'm not giving up on blogging, no sir. It's too much fun!

2) I have never asked you to leave comments here; however, this is my last opportunity to get to know my regular readers. If you are one of those, please leave a comment now. Even if it's your first one. Thanks.


  1. Kasiu, blog był i jest super. przeczytałam chyba wszystkie posty. Liczę, że brukselski będzie równie ciekawy. trzymajcie się w deszczowej Belgii. zuza

  2. We're looking forward to welcome you in Belgium/Flanders/United Republic of Demmistan (official languages: Latin and Westflemish) - or whatever this country will be called when you arrive! Just an indication of how welcome you are: I've already cleared some place in my wardrobe, so that you guys can hang some of your clothes up.

  3. I feel a little bit sad that there is no mention of our happy reunion on the very same day of St Valentine's after - what is it? - 2,5 years! I am looking forward to it so much - and as you can see above, my dear husband as well :-).

    Tot maandag!

  4. Well, at first I was going to mention you, and all the other lovely people related to my blog but I decided not to make it personal (I was afraid I would forget someone...:-). But we both know perfectly well how happy I will be to live in the same city as you and your dear husband! Not to mention we're gonna be roomies, girlfriend! ;-) Coffee coffee coffee! :-)

  5. I’m very fond of your blog and will certainly follow the new one as well! You’re very inspiring, K. :)

  6. Every day is "La nouvelle vie"... And this has been a great blog. Don't stop writing!

  7. wiernie czytalam. i czekam na brukselskie wcielenie.

  8. Bonne chance pour tes nouvelles aventures dans lesquelles nous nous croiserons, j'espère! Et...keep writing!!

  9. Ok, so mostly I've been one of those terrible skulking non-commenting readers, but now I feel I have to break the silence to say - YAY! New blog = new adventures = new reading material for your staunch fans!!