Tuesday, August 10, 2010


During our holidays we finally managed to visit the Polish mountains, my very favourite place in the whole world. The Tatra mountains are situated right in the south of Poland and we generously share them with Slovakia. They are rather high: up to 2500 metres above sea level, and - have I already mentioned it? - they are absolutely stunning.

Hiking in the mountains lets me clear my head. The strenous physical exercie makes me focus. Suddenly the choices are binary: I can go on or I can't, I'm too tired or I'm not, I'm too scared or I can continue. This helps you get perspective and see your problems from a different angle. Black or white. It's not so hard to choose anymore - after all, we do not make much difference anyway. You breathe in the clear mountain air, you let the views envelop you and you know that at that instant nothing else exists.

This was the break I needed. After all my time in Gabon and Spain, I needed to visit a place where I felt utterly and completely comfortable. Where everything is blissfully predictable: either I will get to the top or I won't. Not too much room for surprises. Things in my head fall into place and I feel a strange kind of harmony. Maybe that's how you feel after meditating?

I've been charging my positive energy batteries before returning to Gabon next Monday. I've been meeting friends, spending time with family (both mine and Jandro's), eating lots of good stuff and speaking plenty of Polish. Our last months in Africa will be full of this positive energy. Before a new adventure starts.

Pictures from the Tatras here.

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